Laguna III Hints, Tips, Problems
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    Default Laguna III Hints, Tips, Problems

    Laguna III thread

    These rarest of modern Australian Renaults weren't on sale for very long, replacing the perpetually unreliable Laguna II, and ultimately being displaced by the Korean Latitude over here.

    Renault spent a fortune developing the Goon III, concentrating on removing the many bugs inherent in the II. The result was a solid car that sadly didn't sell all that well...anywhere.

    There have been no major recalls regarding the IIIs. There have been some issues however:

    Stereo: The Bose Cabasse stereo sounds good and is good standard equipment. However, it does not support Bluetooth, does not have a female 3.5 socket, and does not have USB connectivity. Regardless of what you may have read, do not buy a wire from EBay that promises to provide such connectivity. It won't fit the Australian pauper Bose models. Further, I have found it impossible to even exchange the Bose head unit for something else. Cost me $130 to find that out too. Yes there are English and German models on eBay (some even with built in GPS), but best of luck. Stick with your CDs and radio.

    Driver's Door Lock: It will fail. The door actuator will start working intermittently, and it may need four or five cycles of locking and unlocking the doors before the driver's door gets with the program. Some days you will unlock the driver's door from the back seat! Forums overseas suggest drowning the actuator in WD40 but ultimately you will have to bite the bullet and buy a new door lock. Renault Australia will only charge you $550 to replace their faulty lock. Oh, that's without fitting costs. If you wish to source one from overseas, make sure you buy the correct one. Left hand drive models are different.

    Performance: The Renault 2.0 dCi engine is strong with adequate torque, however responds well to fettling. Gains of 20% extra torque are easily accessed, and transform the car.

    Engine mounts: Like all powerful modern Renaults, top engine mounts commonly fail. Fortunately they are easily replaced.

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