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    Default Renault 10 mechanic - Sydney

    Hi everyone,

    I currently have 3 (very much loved) broken down renault 10's and I was interested in finding out if anyone was aware of any reputable mechanics who can help me restore one fully functioning Renault 10 out of the parts of all three. All three are currently not working for various reasons (one of the engine's is gone, one might actually run but the steering wheel and ignition is locked - and the casing ripped out - due to a theft attempt, and I dont even remember what the issue is with the third!). It's pretty safe to safe that all three do have some rusting, but the interior and engine condition is better in some cars than others.

    Any help on this would be very much appreciated as I've wanted to have these restored for a while but just don't really know where to start.



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    Depends on your description of restoration. If you just want to get one running and registerable as opposed to doing a full on restoration?
    Depending on where in Sydney you are, two places come to mind for mechanical repair - Colliers Automotive in Granville (James ruse Dr) and European Autocare in Batt St Penrith. Both could equally recommission the cars mechanically. I'd suggest neither would be that interested in "restoring" the car given that this is not there speciality. I'd also suggest that both of them would do the work if you brought the cars and parts to them, but would not be that interested in coming out to you if that was what you had in mind?

    Renault mechanics familiar with these old cars are getting a bit thin on the ground now in Sydney. Having said that, R10's are pretty simple for the backyard mechanic, and most decent mechanics would be able to find their way around one fairly easily.

    The Renault Car Club of Australia ( is a good place to start for help and advice (as is aussiefrogs) but I can't think of anyone else suitable apart from those above.

    Good Luck and let us know what you decide.
    Ps - I know of three R10's in the penrith area the owners' family are keen to offload - mostly parts car candidates.

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    Probably before starting, work out a budget on how much you wish to spend. Also it would be best to work out what amount of rust the bodies have as well. The Renault 10 body is known for nasty rust, so before you start the rebuild make sure you have a decent starting point.
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