Laguna V6 ignition modules (coils)
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    Default Laguna V6 ignition modules (coils)

    Most, if not all Laguna V6 owners would be familiar with the odd ' Coil pack failure' .... Well I made an interesting discovery recently, which is as follows: drove to work on morning in the Laguna and everything was fine, started up to drive home and it's down a cylinder. Driving home the voice synthesiser comes on to advise the " anti pollution monitor is faulty"... I make it home ok on 5 cylinders the next morning it starts up on 6 cylinders, but shortly into the drive it drops back to 5. Now that got me to start thinking ' why is it so' ?

    So, on the Saturday I got under the bonnet and isolated the miss firing cylinder, removed the coil, and observed some oil around base of the spark plug, which appeared to have run down from around the oil filler cap area ( probably at last oil change) ... I degreaser the surrounding area and the suspect coil pack, refitted and it fired up on 6 pots.

    After a couple of days driving the lambda sensor cleaned itself up and the voice then stopped telling mr that the " anti pollution monitor was faulty" .

    About 4 weeks later it again dropped out one cylinder and the 'Voice' came back. Immediately I suspected the previously offending coil was the culprit. On checking I found ALL the 3 front coils to be working ok, meaning this time the offending coil was on the rear bank.

    So, I swapped the 3 rear coils, for the 3 front coils, so that I could test the coils with engine running ( cant get to do that on rear bank with engine running)

    Before refitting the 3 x rear coils into the front cylinders I cleaned each one with CO Contact Cleaner and blew them dry with compressed air, popped them into the front bank, in order to be able to diagnose the faulty coil. Car fired up on 6 cylinders and 3 weeks later is still running on all 6 cylinders.


    Moral is: don't be too hasty to condemn and replace the coil pack, firstly try cleaning the coils AND the recess into which they sit.... Might save your self some serious money on unnecessary coil pack replacements?

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    Almost a routine job on my 2002, oil mainly leaks from the cambox and pools in the front bank, regularly roll up some paper towel to soak up the oil, use a pair of long nosed pliers to rwist the paper towel and remove most of the oil, then undo the 8mm bolt holing the coil, withdraw it and there is usually some oil around thebase of the plug, again, use paper towel to mop up most of the oil, remove spark plug, and clean up plug hole with rolled paper towel, check plug give it a light clean with a wire brush and if o.k. reinstall, clean coil pack and reinstall. Restart no miss no hesitation.

    I seem to recall someone (Jo Proffi) using vaseline to seal around the coilpack to prevent oil leaking down to plug body causing miss firing, other thing would be to fit additional sealing ring. Mine doesn't seem to care until the coil is almost drowning in excess oil, and then it starts farting and missing - no voice calls that must be for the later ones!!


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