Crossing the Car Gods
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    Default Crossing the Car Gods

    I think it's fair to say that I have in some way offended the car gods and this week was their retaliation.

    I have been putting a R25 motor in the Fuego in readiness for turbocharging.

    It's a pretty simple job, but I wanted to take the opportunity to sort out some other details as well.

    It all started off well enough. I got the motor out in a night, degreased the engine bay with Super Wash and let it soak all night.

    Next morning, I got up early (4.00am ) started taking bits off the Fuego motor that I needed for the other motor and started transferring them.

    At about 8.00 I steam cleaned the engine bay with the Gerni and a bucket of hot water and it cam up well. Sprayed all the seams and cavities with Lanox and left it to soak while I took the Inlet Manifold off to get modified to accept the Gas Research TB and get some unused holes welded/covered up.

    While at the engineer, I got a new Bronze Impregnated Bush (or something like that) made up for the clutch pivot, (the engineer wasn't super keen on my bearing idea) and suggested the self lubricating bush for a low speed high load application- so far it does feel better than any Fuego clutch I've felt, but all the pivots and the like have just been lubed so time will tell how much improvement it has made.

    I also got the engineer to cut out some templates for the new front calipers.


    All was going well and looking good for DECA which I had planned to have the car running for.

    Then the shit hit the fan .

    I went to ENZED to get a new Power Steering Hose and turbo feed line made up and due to brain fade I got the wrong end put on one side of the Power steering pump - That will teach me for sorting something out months ago and only doing it now...

    I then ordered a new Fuego Water Pump and a few other bits from Caravelle, but Ken accidentally sent me an R25 one when I needed a Fuego one to match up to my pulley. Not an issue in itself except that I had hastily ripped the water pump out of the packet, installed it and only then noticed that it was the same as the one removed....doh.

    I hunted around for a new Pulley, but in the end It was quicker to take a trip to Caravelle to get another pump and a few bits and bobs.

    Tidied up some wiring and hosing while the engine was still out, connected up the power steering hoses to make sure they could be routed the way I wanted and I was still pretty confident of having the car ready.

    Decided to put in new engine mounts. I had an OE front mount that I've had for years as they are, um, shit....

    I rummaged through the Makay Rubber Catalogue at a parts joint and ended up using a mount from a VL Commodore. They are quite soft in rubber compound and have movement limiters top and bottom to prevent the engine moving around to much.

    On the drivers side I had to trim about 10mm of longer bottom limiter and to clear the engine mount bracket and on the passenger side I had to cut the original bonded mount off the mount plate and then mounted the new mount to the plate using the stud.

    All up I think it has raised the engine 5mm or so, but the front mount still fits without modification so it's still within the realms of normality and everything is clear of the bonnet and it may settle a little with use. I will use the OE front mount to assess the operation of the other mounts.

    With the mounts sorted, I had wasted a bit of time, but was still looking OK. The engine went in and then I Put on the Turbo manifold and connected up some hoses and then called it a night.

    The next morning (Friday) I got the car towed to the exhaust place where I'd already been told it'd be needed all day to fit an exhaust system.

    I get a phone call about an hour later saying that the wire feed on his welder had died and he'd have to do it next week...Bugger.

    I got the car back home later on that day and decided to revert to blan B. Bolt on the original exhaust for DECA and then put the turbo on the next week.

    I went to install the inlet manifold that I'd picked up the day before and couldn't find the gaskets that I am sure I had... A quick phone call to Colin Haigh and that was sorted. He dropped them over to David Cav's, who dropped them to me on his way home - thanks heaps guys .

    I fitted up the oil cooler and started connecting things up, filled up the coolant etc and all was going ok. I got the inlet bolted up and wired up the alternator and starter etc and then I got to the Gas TB.

    Bolted it on and it was in a good spot with the inlet setup with a nice entry angle to the intercooler piping. Then the final nail hit. The main gas inlet on the TB was very close to the panel under the headlight. I tried connecting the hose and it wouldn't fit without a kink. I searched high and low for a right angle fitting, but they are a 1 inch job so not the sort of thing you have laying around... Bugger.

    I remember reading a phrase, bite off more than you can chew and then chew like hell...

    It doesn't always work...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistareno View Post
    All up I think it has raised the engine 5mm or so,
    So your zorst manifold now sits 12ish mm +the 5mm........maybe 20mm higher than a fuego.
    If you plan on dumping the suspension, your drive shafts will appreciate this 20mm.

    Dont do what I did and make a nice exhaust that cant be interchanged between the two motor sizes.

    I made mine go over the driveshafts to aid ground clearance, but without thinking enough about interchangeability, the exhaust was made too close to the driveshaft so when I switched back to a 2l donk it was touching the boot.

    A bit of thought would have made it a one size fits all exhaust, but I didn't know then what I know now.
    Hindsight is such a wonderful thing.

    The day i discovered this subtle but crucial height detail sounds like the day you are having today.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jo proffi View Post
    The day i discovered this subtle but crucial height detail sounds like the day you are having today.

    I assume you mean the difference in block height?

    If so, I only found that out a few days back when I tried to fit the nice shiny black timing belt cover from the Fuego engine onto the R25 engine and the bolts didn't line up...caused a bit of head scratching as I'd always thought they were the same.

    FWIW I'd actually forgotten about that, and now I think about it, the motor may be at the original height or lower. I might need to wait until my car is alongside another Fuego to be sure.

    I also found out that the alloy sump clears the standard cross member (although I'm yet to drive the car) and bolts up to the gearbox, which I imagine helps in making the whole unit a fair bit more rigid.

    Jo, are you running a Harmonic Balancer or a Fuego Pulley on your motor Jo?

    If a HB, did it make any discernible difference?

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