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    Hi all,
    On saturday I took delivery of my 2006 Master. Its pretty sweet to drive for a van & its the best van I have ever driven anyway, although there's a few questions I have that I hope someone can answer.

    1. It seems at times that it selects reverse harshly, but not every time. Is this fairly normal?

    2. I cant seem to get the trip meter working, although when I first drove the van home I was able to get it showing but it would be like 3 mins after I pressed the button.

    3. Van didn't have a spare tyre & there isn't a place to actually keep one even though the van has a jack, jack handle & wheel brace. The salesman said that he thinks they don't come from the factory with a spare! He's kidding isn't he?

    Thanks ppl, hope you can help


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    the spare on 2006 master is strapped to the inside rear corner of the cargo area. A lot of people took them out or repositioned it.
    New one has moved the spare to underneather the van. 06 had no provision to store it underneather from factory
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    Finally after reading the owners manual (online) I have found the answer to my questions about the spare & the trip meter functions.
    Firstly, the 06 Master van is not fitted with a spare tyre cradle underneath, only the cab chassis has that. The van spare is mounted inside the van at the LH rear just behind the wheel arch, so, agreed!
    Second, all of the trip meter functions are controlled by pressing the button on the end of the wiper stalk & the button in the gauge cluster is the reset for it. Makes sense now.

    Thanks Rick

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