Alpine A 110 rear cardan joints
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    Default Alpine A 110 rear cardan joints


    Im a German and new here, hello to everyone.
    I own a Renault Alpine A 110 and are desperately going to source a stronger solution for the cardan joints of the rear swing axle. Ive heared that in Australia there`s someone who offers a BMW-Cardan joint what is modified to fit to the A 110 gearbox . I need - of course - the stronger version of the 1600 engine with toothing of the 364 / 385 / NG 5 gearbox, not the weaker version of 330/353 box.
    Maybe there`s a solution with stronger axle shafts with thicker dia. on the wheel side of the cardan, on the diff-side I need the std. toothing.
    For those who doesn`t know the design of the axle: The cardan joint runs inside a ball-shaped cone on the gear end of the axle tube, what means a limited installation space for the cardan dia. So the number of suitable cardan blanks might be pretty limited.

    In French, there`s a guy who modifies the cardan joint to a tripode joint what means indeed a lot of work, but might be a better solution due to the non-unequal rotations of the axle shafts when the cardan is angled. Did someone realise that conversation as yet?

    If there`s someone on the other end of the globe who shares this (or others) A 110-probs please tell me. If a special ( BMW?) part is suitable it wouldn`t be a problem to modify it unless its a complicated toothing procedure. It would be nice to keep in contact.


    Thank you for response,


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    Default R8/R10 Big UJs !!

    Hi Udo,

    You need to contact Steven Swan in Perth Scotland,

    He does them all the time with great results.
    Ray geckoeng

    Think Old, But Run Modern !!

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