I recently received an email offering discounts to club members from Car Legends, a European company based in Spain, for a DVD on their first series of rally legends and the first one is on the Renault 5 Turbo.

Inside the Renault 5 Turbo DVD it says you will find 28 documents in 5 different languages, including workshop manuals and owner manuals, as well as many other technical documents (with a value of more than 500 euros). Also, each DVD contains a sticker replica reproduction authorized by Renault of the famous 1981 Monte Carlo victory.

The offer our DVD to club members has a special price reduction (10%). Normal price is 50 euros plus shipping. It also says that on its website you find more information about the DVD and of the company, and you can watch an 18 minutes trailer (in spanish) of the DVD where you can find a small sample of each chapter. www.car-legends.com

I asked whether the workshop manual is in English and was disappointed to receive the answer that it was in French and Spanish and that if they could find an English version they would send it for free in pdf format.

I then checked with the Renault Turbo Owners Club in the UK and they say they have a manual in English that was apparently posted by some one from Australia. I have not been able to access their site files.

Does anyone know of such a manual in English and who has one?