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    Default 2010 Megane Hatch

    My dad is looking at a 2010 MEGANE II X84 Phase II. It's a 2.0 Auto.

    What auto does it have? Is it still the dreaded AL4 or is it a Nissan derived transmission?

    How many k's are people getting from the auto's?


    It's done 88K so I assume is up for a timing belt soon.

    Anything else to look for mechanically?

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    We have two late model Megane II's and so far they have been excellent. One is a 2.0 F4R (as would be in the car you're looking at) and the other is a 1.9dCi. Both have 6spd manual transmissions so I can't comment on the auto. However, I believe it would be the 4spd. I haven't heard of any durability issues with the auto, but I've read that they can hunt for a gear at times. The 6spd manual is a very refined gearbox and I would have no hesitation recommending it.

    Regarding the "2010" date: while this means you should still have 12 months warranty remaining, I would think the car was probably built in 2008, but maybe 2009 - so don't pay more for a 'late model car'. Check the build date inside the drivers door.

    88,000 kms is a lot in two years - much more than ours so I can't comment on overall durability / reliability too much. The main issues I hear of are window regulators and engine mounts. We have had one of each repaired under warranty. The plenum chamber can become blocked causing water to enter the cabin - so check the carpet in the under-floor storage bins.

    Good luck with it - they are great cars. I believe the non-sport Meg II phase II inherited the previous model rs225 front suspension and steering, so they are a treat to drive.

    All the best.

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    Its the DPO/AL4. I am starting the believe the Renault version goes longer though - full synthetic ELF juice instead of semi snythetic Total stuff int eh PSA cars. No evidence as such for this, but hear a hell of a lot more about dead AL4 than DPO around here.

    Window regulators I think are weak, but there are cheap repair kits on ebay.

    Phase 2 update non-RSM did get updated steering software for better feel, but its still a conventional Mac strut as opposed to the tricky alloy hub thingywhatsit on the RSM cars.

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    I have a DP0 box in my 1.9DCi, I just had to have the solenoids replaced, the box was going into limp mode occasionally, at 170,000km.
    Any auto box is risky in a used car, you don't know how it has been driven. These boxes probably won't stand up to being thrashed, but should last if driven reasonably gently. Repairs will be expensive.
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