Well, we had yet another door lock fail on the Laguna - the third. Two have died outside warranty, one died inside warranty. As per an old post (lost in the great AF crash) when you remove the door lock, you find a Laguna-unique latching/locking mechanism which doesn't lend itself to repair - the unit is factory sealed. A small nylon (I think) rocker/geared lever commonly breaks and is not available from Renault as a separate part. So, previously, I imported a complete new lock mechanism from the UK - much cheaper than local new source, but still about $300, from memory.

However, a couple of years on, things have changed. There's cottage industries, it would seem, dedicated to replacing obscure Euro car parts. A case in point is what I found on eBay. If you search for "LAGUNA DOOR LOCK REPAIR PART" on eBay (won't post the link, they're ephemeral) you will find that someone is now making the bit in question. And, you'll see a pic of the little white beastie (the original is black, FWIW). A set of 10 (ready for 9 more breakages) is about $AU 30 to your door.

So, duly ordered and received. They are handed, and the vendor I bought from was happy to do a mixed batch so I'm ready when the OTHER side dies.

First, extract the door lock mechanism from the door. Then to open it.

Now, note that you are opening up a factory sealed part that is a critical safety item, by bending metal tabs. You might not want to do this, make your own decision and/or risk acceptance. It IS tricky to open the case - there is a bowden cable (the interior door open pull cable) that needs to be unclipped which is hard to get to.

Once you do open up the unit you quickly see the broken item - they normally go by having the "toothed" section break off. Extraction and replacement of the particular part is quite straight forward. Now, I would recommend plugging the unit back into the car loom while the case is open (watch the angle you hold it on, so nothing falls out) to make sure everything's back where it needs to be and it all functions correctly.

Re-assembly/case closing is a challenge. The cogs and levers need to be in the right place - it will go back together with some bits in the wrong place and then doesn't work - guess how I know. And, re-attaching the bowden cable is difficult - you need to find a way to hold the lock mechanism in a vice to assist, or you run out of hands.

But, then, back it goes into the door, all connected up, and the glorious sound of lock/unlock is back!! Now, at this point I can't comment on durability of the new part. I'll post back if it suddenly dies after a few days.

Bottom line, cheaper than a new lock assembly, but VERY fiddly. IF the part doesn't last a couple of years (as I say I can't comment yet) it's not worth doing. Will keep those interested advised.