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    Default Frustrations

    I took Kermit into a local vehicle inspection outfit to have a roadworthy to convert from SI (Special Interest) plates to full Kermit custom plates.

    Well this D'head mechanic said I had invalid disc brakes so I required a full Tassie Transport inspection because it was a modification even though I informed him it was not a modification but simply an upgrade because I used standard Dauphine Gordini discs which are direct swap. He then said he didn't like the 4 point harness even though the 4CV never had belts installed originally. Then he didn't like the sports seats fitted which as we know are far superior to the original. Then, he didn't like the amber park lights at the front which I tried to explain was standard fare on French vehicles of the 50-60's. He also pointed out there were no seat belts in the rear. Up to 1976 no belts were required but if fitted had to be worn!

    So, to Service Tasmania to book in Kermit for a Tas Transport inspection at a cost of $169 paid in advance to be told that all that is required is a Vehicle Modification form to be submitted. This I have done and included notes that Kermit has been inspected 5 times prior to his entry in Targa Tasmania with the point that CAMS scrutiny is far superior to any roadworthy.

    One guy at Tas Transport said that because Kermit has been registered in Tassie for 10 years there is no need for any roadworthy considering he has been on full plates in the past.


    I'm almost out of Valium at the frustrations Tassie (so called) Government departments having little idea of the workings of other departments AND that little Hitler sub-contracted service stations given a clip board somehow treat enthusiasts with contempt.

    In Tasmainia providing the vehicle is road registered there is no need to have an annual roadworthy which results in vehicles 50+ years old and in dangerous condition can legally be driven. If you swap vehicles providing it was registered within 3 months no roadworthy is required. To my mind this is madness. If any fellow AF have ever driven in Tassie and seen the state of our older vehicles you would too be dismayed.

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    I have been to and driven on King Island.....what can I say!
    Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone............

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    Some of us remember seeing a once orange Kingswood station wagon in Queenstown in 2002. The bits that used to be orange were more iron oxide colour and those that had passed that stage were no longer there. It was still being driven around!
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