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    Hi guys, wonder if you knowledgeable reno fans can help. We currently have a megane diesel which is a dream, ive had r5, r6 & r12 over the years. We are looking at trading our citroen c4 (hope thats not a swear word here on the reno site) on a 2005 Scenic auto 56k. and am looking for feed back on reliability etc. Were sold on the interior layout etc. But have recently seen quiet afew with blown motors also so many complants re the rx4 gearbox. Cheers David (Tassie)
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    We've had a 2001 Series one scenic which was written off in an accident (not my wife's fault) and a 2007 Series 2 scenic which we bought "brand new" in 2009 to replace the written off car. Both are 2wd Dynamiques. We still have the series 2 as my wife's car and family car. We don't do huge mileage in the car - the 2001 series 1 we bought in 2004 with 33k on the clock and it had around 90k when written off; the series 2 was new (21kms) and has now done around 30k.

    We are happy with both cars. I felt the interior layout of the series one was better, but the engine and gearbox in the series 2 is the choice of the two.

    Gearboxes and Rx4's aside, I think the most common issue with the "Blown engines" is people who don't follow the service intervals for the timing belts. The belts themselves rarely break, but the plastic timing wheels which are part of the kit can crack and let go causing engine damage which often makes the car uneconomical to repair.

    I would say don't buy the Rx4 unless you really feel you need the 4wd capability. I found them to be harsher and more troublesome when I have test driven or general experience. Hong Kong Puggy on here I think has owned one for a number of years and can perhaps comment with more direct experience.

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    My oldman has had he's series 1 Scenic since new and has had no issues with it, but it is low milage, regularily serviced and a manual.
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    The auto gearbox will be the AL4, same as citroen/peugeot. They seem to be ok unless treated badly. There were some new diesel scenics sold off very cheaply a couple of years ago, would be worth buying if you can find one, same dCi1.9 engine.
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