Fuel Filter Position on a R17
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    Default Fuel Filter Position on a R17

    Hello Mates, my fuel diagram shows the fuel filter positioned after the fuel pump. However, on my Volvo P1800E that uses the same D-jet setup the filter comes after the tank and before the filter that makes better sense to me. Its better to keep grud out of the pump. Any comments? I see no major issue going the volvo way do you?


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    Using the injection still? If so the pump will pump at high pressure and the filter on the outside of the pump needs to withstand that pressure. If on the other side it will need to withstand the suction. (Not much so close to the tank assuming original mount location.) I have seen normal off the shelf Ryco in both positions but not with an injection pump only when carbs have been fitted. But usually they are after the pump. On one of mine I have two filters one after the pump and one before the two webers. On another carby model the filter is after at the tank end. The pumps are both at the tank end. On my R15 with Gordini motor the filter is at the engine end as is the pump but again has a carby. Sorry no experience with a working injection sysytem all mine that run have carburettors fitted so different pump pressure. All that drivel isn't much help really is it.

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    hi filter is fitted after pump & is located above rear axle on main chaccic rail.I would recomend that you use the bocsh filter.

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