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    Hi folks. Kermit arrived yesterday in remarkable condition considering his exit from his happy hunting ground.

    Michael looked after him really well. I'm well under way in improving some items which would appeal to the most ardent of 4CV enthusiasts.

    I'll post,with pictures with help to keep you informed.

    Kermit was written up in the English and French press for his adventures during 5 Targa Tasmania.

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    Default most days are just days....

    ..but every now and then you have a DAY….

    I had one this week…. It began early..deep in the garages on the Spirit of Tasmania. What a great sound stage to listen to mandrel welded extractors and a weber twin choke carb breathing as the motor warms….

    Leaving the ferry it is like everyone is in on the act…smiles and thumbs up as we make our way onto the pier and then on through quarantine…no fruit, no fishing rods, nothing to declare…..

    Padding slowly through a waking Devonport, dense cool air and the clouds are clearing…Then onto highway 1 being careful to warm up this 55 year old machine - eye the gauges - oil pressure - check, volts - check, engine temp - check….the beginning of 300 km of blissful, old school "just for the sheer pleasure of it" driving.

    Through Deloraine and to the Highland Lakes Road heading south around the Great Lake to Bothwell….Through the windscreen you watch the ribbon of road extend out along the valley floors - open sweeping bends, fields of green and now cloudless big blue sky country. You find yourself mouthing several words... This is organic, visceral connected driving…the physics of a rear engined , rear weight biased Renault entering and accelerating out of corners, steering, throttle, brakes all in balance…and always that sound track… For hours we play like this, rarely seeing another car….driving....simply driving...

    It reminded me, this is why we choose these French cars. They mean something to us and we care about them. If you haven't had a DAY with yours for a while…find a moment and remind yourself. Very cheap therapy.

    So thanks Tassie roads for being soooo good… Thanks Colin for engineering such a great machine… Thanks KERMIT for a great DAY…
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