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    Default Car key duplication

    One of the most annoying things about buying a second hand modern car is that on many occasions you only get one key with your purchase, usually because the previous owner has forgotten where they put it. The empty promise that "I'll sent it to you when I locate it" normally vanishes as you exit their driveway...


    One key = a nightmare if you lose it, especially when they are so intrinsically linked to the car's computers.

    FACT: Despite what they say on ebay, second hand keys from another Renault CANNOT be 'reprogrammed' to your car by pushing a few buttons in sequence, or holding in the door lock button on the dash for ten seconds whilst standing on one leg... Don't bother buying used keys from eBay UK and having them sent here, they won't work. That said, if anyone would like to buy one (or even three) totally useless Megane keys purchased from eBay UK, I have three Call me...

    So, what is the solution (apart from sourcing them from the $tealership)?

    Mr Minit (a franchise not known for their discount prices) offers a replacement key service. Upon enquiry I was told by my local (useless and lazy) bloke that their copy machine could duplicate the coding, but that he would have to get the blank in...

    ...two months pass

    Let's just say that I went through head office and they sent the key to my local Mr Minit store (no, the one in the other direction from the first). They sourced it in a week! The key was put through the magic duplicator (you need your original key of course) and the blank is cut. Voila!

    Hand over $169.95 (as I did just a few hours ago) and you have a spare key that you can put in a drawer to forget about when the next person buys your car

    Bear in mind that your new key does NOT have a remote button, so doors have to be opened with the key manually. The transponder code business works fine and the car starts and runs normally.

    Yes, it's an expensive exercise but one that seems like an absolute necessity if you (like me) only have one key.

    I share this as I'm sure this question will come up again and should come up in a search

    This was for my 2001 Megane (with transponder loop circuit).

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    I also have three useless cards purchased from Ebay UK; but, just to clarify - are you talking about a key for the megane, or does it use a card like laguna's and later scenics?

    I'm assuming since it was "cut" you are talking about a key?
    Ps - if I PM you my email address, can you email the pics you took of the laguna and R10S at the AF BBQ?

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    My first post on this forum & as I found Aussie Frogs whilst searching for a cheap solution to the key card problem, let me add my 5 cents. There is no cheap solution , must be done through a dealer. BUT pick your dealer wisely I live in Inner west Sydney & my local Dealer (we won't mention the name) quoted $590 for a replacement where as Peter Warren in Liverpool came in at $404.00, what a difference a post code makes, needless to say I'll be heading west in 3 weeks when my key finally arrives
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