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    Is there anyone in AF land able to instruct me in how to upload photos from an iMac?. The photos are contained on a DVD.


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    Download dropbox: (Shameless referral link that will get me a little bit of free extra storage)

    Install same.

    Copy photos to the "public" folder, "control"-click, open the dropbox menu, copy the link and paste it into the box that opens when you press this icon as you're typing your message.

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    when you reply to a post the page you get has three panels in it. The second one down is titled 'Additional Options' - in Safari you usually have to scroll down to see it. That panel has three panels within it, the second of which is titled 'Attach Files' and has a button labelled 'Manage Attachments' in it. If you click the button you get an additional window that allows you to select picture files from your computer for uploading.

    There is a series of 'choose file' buttons. Clicking this opens a standard file open / select dialog. You can choose any file you can access in that dialog. You can also select your iPhoto library - I'm assuming (unwisely perhaps) here that you may be familiar with iPhoto on the iMac but no drama if you're not since your files are on a DVD - and then select photos and groups of photos from there.

    If you can see the files on the DVD when you put it in the drive you should have no dramas seeing them in the attachment upload window. When the DVD goes in there should be a new icon put on your desktop and you can open this and find files like any other window on the desktop. It should also appear in the top left of Finder windows when you are looking for files. If it doesn't appear then you have a problem with the DVD - not with AF website.

    I've attached some pictures of the key steps in the process as well as some showing importing pictures into iPhoto.

    There is, of course, a gotcha. Your image files should be below 100k in size and its a fair bet that some won't be. Never fear, on an iMac (any Mac) this is easy to deal with. The computer comes with an application called Preview which views all sorts of image and pdf files nicely. It can also save an image files as a different format. If you choose the 'JPEG' format you also get a 'quality' slider which also changes the size of the file. It's just so easy to do - the hard part is knowing about it!! Just choose 'Save as' and halfway down the save dialog is the format drop-down list. Preview will probably be in the dock unless it's been removed - find it in 'Applications' if so.

    Hope this helps - happy to give more detail if you want.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails iMac-iphoto-import.jpg   iMac-iphoto-import2.jpg   iMac-iphoto-import3.jpg   iMac-af-upload-1.jpg   iMac-af-upload2.jpg   iMac-af-upload3.jpg  

    iMac-af-upload4.jpg   iMac-af-upload5.jpg  
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