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    I hate to endow the virtues of Kermit the 5 year entrant to Targa Tasmania but for those with an interest in the history of the only 4CV to complete a 6 day 2300KM rally the following could be of interest:

    The front suspension was modified to have a 2% negative camber by moving the lower wishbone outward.

    R10 Sway bar was fitted.

    The rear fuel tank was removed to allow an additional air scoop to be installed. This was replaced by a 50 litre fuel cell at the front.

    R10 brakes were fitted with the support of a servo assist from a BMW 315.

    The rear suspension coils reduced by 1.5 and spacers under the gearbox. Additional inner bearings eliminated the play at the wheel. Control arms reduced the stress on the trunions.

    A Weber down draught twin choke cabbie was fitted together with SS extractors. The inlet manifold was ground to assist air flow.

    Electronic ignition was installed utilising the exsisting Dueiler dissi.

    A larger radiator was fitted and 2 blades of the existing 4 were removed and now only assisted by a thermo fan when necessary.

    A cycle computer was fitted running off the L/H wheel for navigational purposes.

    Wheels have R10 centres and Citroen rims of 4.5 ".

    The original headlamps where replaced by 5" sealed beam units from a Mazda 1500.

    Seats were replaced by racing seats and full harness belts.

    The fuel pump was replaced by an electronic unit.

    The motor was fully balanced, the flywheel lighted, the crankshaft hardened and journals linished.

    Of course, the gearbox is now 4 speed from a Dauphine against the 3 speed original.

    850 liners were line bored 1mm and forged pistons with an extra oil control ring fitted bringing him to 905cc. a 2mm copper gasket was fashioned and installed.

    Sorry for being boring.


    Pictures will appear when I'm competent.
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    Not boring, very interesting can't wait for the photos. Did you have any trouble getting it registered? I am doing a little bit to a 4cv at the moment but not to the extent you have, mine is just basic stuff. Dauph Gordini bits fitted to the original 4CV engine and balanced, 4 speed gear box. SAAS seats, full harness, range of instruments, Halda Tripmaster, Dauphine brakes. My aim is keep it in a way that would have been easily possible in 1959. The SAAS seats are purely to allow for our old age not to mention a passenger with bad arthritise. I don't want to spend too much time or money doing it as I have quite a few cars to do and not many years left to do them. Currently in the middle of a bare metal respray but using a mixture of left over paint from other projects.

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    Had no problems with rego as most bits were standard Reno stuff. By retaining the standard block no engineering issues were encountered. The inspection people were most satisfied with the upgrade of safety items and happy to allow full road registration.

    We are quite right in keeping the car sympathetic to the period without hanging a big donk out the back and fitting flares with 8" rims. Like you I have mobility problems but that should not stop us having fun with our machines.

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