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    Default Fuego restoration help #2

    Greetings and salutations, renault enthusiasts.
    This is a return of sorts, as my father and I had a few enquiries on here previously, but then we had a computer malfunction (crash), then I had to focus on my school certificate exams and then the rest of the absence was caused by procrastination on my part :S
    We have had a bit of trouble with this whole website deletion thing, but anyway, new profile, new thread, but hopefully the same very helpful aussiefrogs members
    Basically, I'm a 16 year old who (with the help of his dad) is trying to restore a1985 Renault Fuego GTX that we saved from the scrapper. After a lot of help and detective work from other users, we diagnosed all of it's ailments and found it to be in surprisingly good condition for something going to the scrapheap.
    It has a broken rear window, a valve in the master cylinder that is beyond repair, a broken front left foglight and casing as well as superficial dints and a bit of rust. The previous owners also did a bad repair job on the intake manifold after a portion of the thread and surround snapped off. They filled it with gunk (albeit well), but that won't pass a roadworthy. All the electrics and interior stuff was fixed by me and my electronically clever brother.
    We are planning on getting a new master cylinder (or repair kit) from caravelle, had a few offers for rear window assemblies and possibly some for a foglight, but we don't know who they were from because the threads were wiped with this data backup thing
    We have an idea of how to fixt the dents and rust, but haven't the foggiest on how to fix the manifold or replace it.
    Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated.


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    Default Welcome back - I'm sure we can help.

    Welcome back - I think we all lost a lot of data in the AF Go Daddy Crash, and this computer is just limping along waiting for a complete re-build.

    The Intake manifold should not be a problem to replace as I know I have quite a few lying around here in Melbourne, only cost would be the means to get it to you -if you have someone in Melbourne that could pick it up - even better. PM me.

    First task is to get a good replacement rear window, most (like myself) are hanging onto their good spares, but I dare say one could be organised. I have a few cars that need to be stripped of parts soon.

    Likewise Jo Proffi has some too, but located in Sydney - again there are people that travel past your door if that is what is needed to get things under way.

    The new master cylinder from Caravelle is the best way to go. Gives confidence when one has a good braking system!!


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    I have a rear window that you can have for a song, located near Castlemaine.

    The car is slated for the crusher soon, but still has a few bits left on it you might want (no drivetrain left, no instruments)
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    there is a Fuego at The Rock near Wagga Wagga suityable for parts. If you are interested I can see if its still there and get you some details.
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    I have probably any parts you need and am selling them all cheap! Located in Kyneton, I even have a nice set of 16" wheels!
    If your interested my numbers 0416 493 640, or send a PM

    Cheers Chris

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