So currently the G has got most of the bodyparts coted in a nice undercote. All the rust and dents has been removed and the body is on it's side with both front and rear suspension removed.
I need however to replace the following:
Rubber mounting connecting steering wheel and Rack&pinnion
Tie rod end ball joints
Ball joints on both front wheels top and bottom
Shocks front and rear
Gearbox mountings on the top and sides
Bigger brakes as the standard ones are not up to stopping turbo power

any replacement parts from other vehicles that are similair? I read that the nissan 1400 ute's rear shocks will work with slight mod at the rear so That I'll go and investigate.
Was thinking of Making tie rod ends from universal tierod ends on a tube to replace the renault part. I also saw that one of the ball joints on the lower right front has been replaced before as it was bolted down wile the other stil has rivets. Mabe there is a universal tupe joint that looks the same will also investigate that possability.

Wanting to change on the renault however is to change the clutch to hydrolic instead of the cable but will see what the possabilities of that would be.
Was thinking of changint the calipers and disks to Opel which give a bigger choice in disk pads, disks and is readilly available.


Any feed back on this ideas?