VALE; Ian Preston; 17th November, 2010.
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    Default VALE; Ian Preston; 17th November, 2010.

    I have some sad news for those who may have met or known the RCCQ Member and Renault FUEGO

    Driver/collector and my friend and neighbour, IAN PRESTON.

    Ian passed away and left us on the 17th of November after an illness and left a great HUGE hole in

    the lives of those who knew him.

    Whilst IAN was aged 77, he enjoyed immense vitality and energy right up till his last illness and he will

    be missed by many FUEGO and Renault LOVERS all over the country and particularly in QLD!

    He ALWAYS kept his RED Fuego immaculate and even let ME drive it!

    A low-key Funeral Service gathering at the rural home he shared with his lovely wife Shirley was


    attended by many RCCQ members, other friends and his large family and although it was a sad

    occasion, as an 'old-school' Aussie bloke I reckon that Ian would have approved.

    Always ready to jump-in, lend a hand and participate in many Renault events and rallies, Ian was very

    knowledgable and skilled in so many diverse areas.

    Ready to always 'get his hands dirty' he helped countless people in his life.

    Stubborn yet flexible, Ian was a no BS man but always kept an 'open mind' and taught me so much

    over the years of our friendship.

    Thanks mate!

    Fare well IAN and May You Rest In Peace.

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