Renault's Formula One Program
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    Renault's Formula One Program

    As an explaination for its disappointing performance this year, Renault claims its secret engine designs were stolen by illegal access to its computer networks. As a result, they were forced to design a completely new engine. Listen to the story here:

    At school, I constantly made excuses about not doing homework. Little did I realise that I was in fact priming myself for a career in Renault. Here are some others I suggest to Renault:

    - The dog ate my crankshaft design.
    - My engine blueprints were at home when it burnt down.
    - (Alan Bond style) My IQ has been diminished. I have no recollection about flimsy build quality in Scenics.
    - (Skase style) My engine suffers from emphysema.


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    I dont think thats entirely true...

    As far as ive heard, Renault introduced the revolutionary 111 degree v10 which caused much interest by rival teams/companies involved in f1. Reports say that Renault were suspicious of their car to pits communications being intercepted by rival teams. Renault visibly took this as a warning as i remember last year whenever the Benneton's were on the grid, the Renault personnel would use tent-like engine covers for when the engine was being worked on.

    As for the comparatively bad performance this year, Renault have been struggling with the big vibrations caused by the wide angle v10. For this, i know Renault have introduced at least one completely new stiffer chassis during the year to counteract these vibrations. I heard it was so bad that the engine actually flexes!!!

    Renault have returned to f1 not to be just another competitor but to win. And as innovative as always, believed in a new approach to the standard engine design. Like in the 70's when the f1 world laughed at Renault for introducing the turbocharger, Renault always seem to end up having the last laugh. Rumours suggest Honda are introducing their wide angle v10 f1 engine for next year.....

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    RenaultTurbo, have you seen the 17 minute video released by RenaultSport in '96 called 438 Secondes Pour Un Titre? I got mine from Renault here in WA. What a fantastic vid. - the 1996 Renault F1 engine on the test bed makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end...the 'Rew' button (and volume control) on the remote is well used !

    Not to mention the Williams connected to a laptop, with its active suspension moving up and down as if it were alive.

    I agree - they are no mugs. There's a fair chance it'll work, as the V angle has been increasing incrementally for years simply for C of G reasons.


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