I was lying in bed Saturday morning suffering from the flu,
I lay there all doped up just waiting for the world to stop spinning
so I could get off when the phone rings, it was a mate in Geelong,
I'm coming up in the Clio, he says, you wanna go for a spin, suddenly Ifeel better, I'm up, I'm dressed, I'm alive again, the Clio turns up bueatiful metallic blue, looks better in the flesh, this car has only done 500 km so the owner wasn't letting it out of his site and no way anyone else was driving it (don't blame him one bit) but we did go for a spin, what a car. Even thow it was still running in and didn't go anywhere near the redline, we turned onto the freeway and hit 160 kph before the end of the onramp. I questioned the accuracy of the speedo as the car got there so quick it didn't feel fast at all, you knew you were going only be how slow everone else was going, At 160 it was quiet and relaxed and the driver was pionting out all the features as if we were stopped. But I suppose when you have a speedo that goes to 270 kph, 160 is just a fast idle. My sumery of my first ride in a Clio Sport,
............... I JUST WANT ONE ....................