Hi there, and sorry for my poor english
I own a "Dacia" 1300 break, basically a renault 12 with 1397 engine, a "carfil" 32 carburetor produced in Romania, i recently buy a competition camshaft, and a 2 chamber
weber carburetor from and old renault 12 ts i
guesse. I want you to give and advice, about
modifiyng the cylinder head to go with the new cameshaft, i thing it need other valves, springs, and pousher. Any other sugestion will be welcome. I intrested in fitting in other parts (head related or other) from old renault (18, 16, 5) models which i can find in Romania pretty easily in junkyards.
Initialy i wanted to fit a Renault 5 alpine turbo engine, has anibody did this and want to give me some advice?