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    fuego elec

    i have an 83 fuego and have had trouble with the electroncs, the car turns it self off when it gets hot the first sign of the car playing up is the taco needle jumps up and down, she still goes hard and rev allright when its not playing up.
    has any one had this problem
    any advice would be great


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    Hi Mark,

    I don't have a fuego to run out and look at, but I bet yours has an electronic ignition. Some part of it will be going open circuit when it gets hot. Maybe Leigh will jump in and tell you what to look for. Trace the wires back from the distriutor and you'll probably find an electronic gismo on your firewall. This is problematic on a lot of older cars. Start the car cold, then heat this up with a hair dryer or something to test it. If the car stops as soon as you've warmed it you've found your problem.

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