Maintenance issues.....
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    Maintenance issues.....

    After changing the fuel filter and the oil filter and the oil changed. For some reason some goose put a volvo oil filter on it. I could not get it out and had to remove all the piping. Got there in the end.


    I realised that the car for some reason has torsion bar suspension at the rear. My uncle said it may not be able to be lowered at the rear.

    He said he couldnt see any torsion bar adjustment. Can they be adjusted?Im asking all this as in the future i want to lower my car slightly..

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    Daniel, you REALLY need a manual!

    Torsion bars are usually used nowadays to avoid the suspension tower intrusion into the load bay area (ie. boot). Many of them have adjustment in the form of the ends being splined, with a different number of teeth on each end. The The E-Type Jaguar is an example (having recently re-fitted the fronts on the E-Type...) This way the adjustment is quite fine. Others have a bolt that bears on a cam arrangement on the end of the spring, which effectively rotates the spring along its axis (pre-coil Porsche 911's were like this, I think).

    However, I think more modern (and less performance oriented) torsion bars are more or less fixed...


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    Not to mention the Renault 16!!

    Our old Subaru had easily adjustable torsion bar rear suspension too. Poorly engineered alongside the 16 but it worked.


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