Bumpers on R17's
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    Bumpers on R17's

    Ok, this could be sacrilege I admit, but....

    has anyone else out there wondered what the renault stylists were thinking when they got to the arse end of the 17. Whoops! ran out of time, lets just slap this big bugger of a bumper on here to cover everything up.... she'll be right!


    I know it's a personal thing- but I like the lines of the car from front on or side on - but from the rear it looks well- awkward? Anyone else got any thoughts/solutions (preferably that don't involve a full body kit)?

    On that awesome yellow racing reno at this link;

    <a href="http://perso.wanadoo.fr/amicale.r15r17/competition.htm" target="_blank">http://perso.wanadoo.fr/amicale.r15r17/competition.htm</a>

    -they have just painted the bumper,it looks too smooth though (do you reckon they have filled it with bog/fibreglass?) as the original one is textured... i.e horrible.

    Cheers Ben

    p.s. something else- on that same page- check out the 17 on axle stands - the tyre to rim clearance is the same as when it's on the ground! Not much give in the suspension -me thinks...

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    I have a feeling that Renault used the R17 as a bit of a production/concept car.

    Frameless windows (not on any other Renault of that era), no B pillar and wind-down rear windows all were quite unusual and specific to that model. I think they made the right choice by not persisting with the frameless/B-pillar concept, looking at all the water intrusion problems, even from new!

    The rear bumper I believe was the first production version of a non-steel bumper for Renault, this fibrous plastic later showing up on Renault 5 etc. etc.

    A lot of people (I think Renault themselves on later series?) paint them black, I painted mine body colour (where the "grey" is) and left the rubber inserts black.

    To me, this broke up the "slab" effect a bit...

    Having said that, I actually quite like the styling, very different from most other cars of the era! And quite recognisable today...

    You may find some other ideas buried here:

    <a href="http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Speedway/9730/Reg/main.html" target="_blank">http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Speedway/9730/Reg/main.html</a>
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    Hey I have since found this website (see below) where they had what they called a shadow effect- available? It basically blacked out the entire bumpers front and back- it does make quite a difference to the look of the car- altho- I'd be a bit loathe to black out the chrome pieces on the side of the bumpers on the rear- and I reckon the front end looks mint already....

    Any more thoughts....at the moment I am thinking smoothing the rear bumper- to get rid of the textured look and going body colour for the most of it.

    <a href="http://home.planet.nl/~vrija001/t3_7.htm" target="_blank">http://home.planet.nl/~vrija001/t3_7.htm</a>

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    Hi there fellas, personally I like the black look, not into chrome. Unfortunately there is not much you can do with the 15/17 bumbers short of making moulds and making some new ones from fiberglass etc. They were the start to the modern bumpers as we know them today.

    Regards COL.
    Regards Col

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