Hi all,

I have something of a dilemma, I am not far off putting a 1647cc motor from a Fuego into my R17. This complete with the 5spd has required the manufacture of engine/gearbox mounts, and the modifiction (smacking the crap out of) of some parts of the engine bay etc . Anyway, it has got me thinking that if I have done half of the mods required to allow an 18 turbo motor to slot in then why not do it?

However at this stage I would like to keep my other car,an 18 turbo, complete. So the guts of all this preamble is- can I use the standard motor (balanced etc ) with the exhaust and induction setup from the 18 turbo- I know of one that I think I can score these things from fairly shortly- minus the turbo.

Are there likely to be differences with the seals on the liners etc or other unforseen differences (extra oil galleries) that the b-y haynes maunal tells you nothing about?

Obviously the 1565cc motor slots straight in, I really just want to know if I could run reasonable boost pressures - say around 10-15psi on the otherwise std motor. What do you reckon?


ps here's an even sillier idea- what about the induction/exhaust setup from the 18 turbo on the 1647cc motor......