R25 Injection System Problem
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    R25 Injection System Problem

    With respect to my earlier discussions regarding my problems with the R25, my mechanic (a local frog expert) has suggested that pulling off the injection manifold and the Webber thingys (throttle bodies?) and soaking them may fix the problem.

    For those not familiar, the car has real problems at low revs and jumps all over the place. The problem is manageable once warmed up, as driving it hard seems to overcome the problem.

    The big annoyance, however, comes when you put it in fourth and try to cruise at 60-70km/h and the revs drop back to 2-2.5k rpm, when the jumpiness continues. Very annoying.


    So far, I have replaced all the leads, the spark plugs, the rotor button, the fuel filter and the air filter. All to no avail .

    Apparently, the injection system can become clogged over many years (not the actual injectors, the other parts) and my mechanic seems to think that pulling it all off and soaking it in a strong solvent will open up any blocked passages etc.

    Just wondering if anyone else has gone through this, or if it even sounds feasible.

    Thanks, as always.


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    Have a good look at the electrics relating to the engine management computer, in particular the earth connection. A dodgy earth can result in erratic running, as the computer is effectivly shutting down the injectors intermittently.
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    Skippy I have been told that this procedure is called an ultrasonic bath on my REnault 19 the cost is $AUD300 half being labour.

    Maybe this is what your car needs. Takes about an hour to do the lot i was told.

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