The New Renault's
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    The New Renault's

    Hi all,

    I am trying to get some information on the new cars Renault are going to release. Can anyone point me in the direction of, or have any stats on these cars like outputs, weight, that sort of stuff? I have visited the Renault site but it has no data on the cars.


    I need info on the Clio, Megane, Scenic and Scenic RX4 (better not be rotary powered )Laguna and Laguna Estate.

    Can anyone help with a site or info they have?

    Cheers all


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    Chipper, what do you want to know? Basically all I've got is the sale book, reads like this.

    Cleo Sport, 2 litre 16valve, 124kw and 200Nm of torque, 5 speed man, 0-100kmh in 7.2 seconds. ABS brakes, P/S, A/C all usual extras.

    Megane Cabriolet, 1.6 litre, 79kw/ 148Nm, 5 speed man/ 4 speed auto, ABS, P/S, A/C, elec roof, all usual extras,

    Scenic, 1.6 or 2 litre, 79kw/148Nm (1.6), 101kw/188Nm (2 litre), 5 speed man/ 4 speed auto (2 litre only) all usual features inc cold storage compartment, Satelite Auto Controls.

    Scenic RX4, 2 litre (no rotary), 101kw/188Nm, 5 speed man, Permanent 4 wheel drive, ABS and all the other features like standard Scenic.

    Laguna, 3 litre V6, 155kw/290Nm, 5 speed auto, all usual features, key less entry is interesting.

    Now you know as much as me, I'd like to know the weight of the Cleo, I was talking to a test driver today who tested all the range at Calder, he says the Cleo is awsome but the brakes are even more powerful than the engine, he is predicting a waiting list on the Cleo, the rest of the range is good but may struggle a little for sales but the Cleo is a class of its own.


    David Cavanagh


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    HI guys

    I have the official sales booklet for the Clio. Had it sent to me from Renault France luckily the book is in english.

    In the back it tells you all the specs.

    Kerb weight is 1035 Kgs

    I think this week things will start happening up here.

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    David & Reno17,

    Thanks for the info guys, appreciate your help.


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