2001 Motor Show
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Thread: 2001 Motor Show

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    2001 Motor Show

    :p I dont know how many people from this site have visited the Motor Show yet. But it was a great event. In Particular(some bias) Renault Australia. There display was fantastic and left a lot for dead. The cars were looking great and it was congested with people the whole time I was there. I think they will be a great success in Australia this time. The Laguna looks like a great car, (out of my league-price wise), also the new Clio's looked great.


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    There were a lot of people on the Renault stand.

    I had not seen a Clio up close until last night. Not a bad little car

    My partner wants the blue Sports they had on display.
    The salesman or rep told her of the Super Sports Clio which should be arriving this time next year.
    It has a mid mounted V6, so no back seats fully wrap around head rests, 0-100k's in 3 seconds . A full blown rally car for $90K.
    The Scenic was impressive also. Very comfortable for that kind of car & had heaps of comparments for storage - even a cooler for 3 cans of VB.
    This may give the a-class Mercedes a run

    My overall favourite for the last 3 years is the 406 Coupe... Man they're a top bit of gear
    They had a red one with black leather cow & it looked fantastic.
    My colour pick is the light blue but red is quite OK. The Coupe is one of the few cars that I like every angle/ view of.

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    So the offical word is the new clios look ok in the flesh?

    The front end, on paper at least, looks like it's been pounded with the ugly stick

    Oh, have they upped the pricing on the new clio sport?.....it was like 31k or so...

    The V6 clio is a relatively mild 160odd kw in road form more WRX/STi territory than ferrari...if you can call that mild....heaps of torque and a short wheelbase...scary

    UK clio v6 review
    property in Pattaya
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    The new Clio is great but i like the older version. V6 styled kit is now for sale in England. Now we can make V6 look alike because I was told that the V6 one is not arriving.

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