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    fuego engine options

    Has anyone here fitted a 2.2 litre injection engine off a renault 21/25 into a fuego????
    Although i want to change my original carb for a bigger one, i keep thinking fitting a 2.2 litre engine with injection would go harder than my polished/ported original 2 litre with hot cam. I had the opportunity to see one of these 2.2 injection units under a R21 at the french car show. It looks identical to my 2 litre(J6R) except for the fuel injection system. Im guessing its same engine but stroked from 2.0 to 2.2 (?).
    Also, is there anyone out there who has imported a fuego turbo motor from argentina??? I've heard there was a fuego model that came out with a 2.2 litre turbo in argentina..... If anyone has, how much??



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    Theres a guy up here who has thrown a Volvo V6 lump in his Fuego. Apprentley it was a pretty simple conversion. It looks awesome and goes pretty good too, would be good on the Highway.

    Another guy up here also owns a Genuine Fuego turbo 1565cc which to my suprise is pretty quick. I gave him a run against My R17 thinking it would be pretty close but I was wrong this thing bloody moved, and was all stock.

    Anyway I'll post some more details later on about this V6 conversion, and other interesting engine conversions.

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    Hi Guys,

    I have road reports on the Fuego turbo at home. Basicly I wonder why they bothered.... You see it's no quitker than a standard 2litre fuego, top speeds 'bout the same however you have considerable turbo lag to overcome...

    Now if they'd turbo'd the 2litre...... I guess it's easy to screw up the boost pressure and get some real power though.

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    Hi Guys,
    further to the debate over 1565 turbo vs 2litre, yeah you are right, the 2 litre has got heaps more low down torque vs the turbo. However after owning both a turbo and a 2 litre I would go for the turbo anyday- it's got heaps more urge when overtaking- when the 2 litre runs out of puff. Anyway the other thing of course is that with a big exhaust, some more boost and a better intercooler 2 litres fuegos become little specks in the mirror.....
    As far as the 2.2 vs 2 litre arguement goes- aren't the regs a trifle restrictive over there- meaning a 2litre warmed over is the only realistic alternative- sorry to be a kill joy..

    Seeya Ben

    ps Fuegos in general (the turbo models and the 2 litres) are all coming off the road now so motors can be picked up free or cheap all the time- I scored a turbo motor for free- with a good T03 garrett on it-crazy!

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    That is good

    Im going over to NZ early Jan, I'm interested in having a look around as to whats available.

    How rare are 1565cc hairdried lumps over there ?

    One in a R17 would be awesome I reckon.

    Its just the whole front wheel drive thing.

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    Regarding Australia regulations, it's pretty easy to disguise the 2.2 litre engine as a 2 litre (especially if you use the 2 litre head and manifolds).

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    One thing to watch with the 2.2 litre motor, to get more power it will have to be the early 25 AUS spec motor, the later unleaded cars were tuned for 91 octane unleaded and have the barest of power increases over the leaded 2 litre Fuego motor. Although I suppose if you "retune" the motor like crudely shifting the TDC sensor to advance it the later motor and run it on super or PULP there should be a power increase.

    I think this thread has been covered in earlier (a lot earlier) postings!

    As for putting a turbo motor in a 17, I think that may be a bit too much as far as front traction, especially in the wet, is concerned. The change to negative offset geometry on the 18 Series 2 didn't coincide with the introduction of the 18 Turbo for nothing!

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