Renault Timing Belt
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    Renault Timing Belt

    Hi Fellas, Joe Wagner here in USA.
    WE had the R-9 from 1983-thru 1987 and that was that-- the remains of the AMC Motor car (JEEP) and the unholy mariage to mother Renault then, called the AMC/Renault corp folded in 1987 and all sold to Chrysler-- leaving us USA Blokes "on our own" so to say,, and now-- the few of us that still have these cars cannott find decent sources for parts....
    So I am looking for #7700725577 which fit 1988 EURO models of R-9 and R-11, and even some R-19 models, even a CLIO model, this belt is 125 X 3/4' in size.....
    Cource-- we never got the models past 1987, but in Europe-- they got em all... Not sure what you did get down under-- but was wondering if there are any decent sources for such parts in OZ, or someone willing to call the corner Reno store for a quick price check... last time I chacked we had em here for $55, but in UK had em for bout $20, but shipping just about trippled the cost....
    Who says all americans have money to burn??? Not ME!!!! Any help with sources or a nice helpfull person would be fine!!!!
    Thanks Joe in USA

    Joseph Wagner
    1051 Schiff ave
    Cincinnati OHIO 45205 USA

    Joseph Wagner
    1051 Schiff ave
    Cincinnati OHIO 45205 USA

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    that's a bloody ridiculous amount, I just paid $30 Aud ie about $15US for a Citroen BX timing belt. I give french connection a ring tomorrow and get back to you.

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