seized R21 struts
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    Default seized R21 struts

    Had a VERY annoying day screwing around on the R21. It had one strut that seized, which I thought was odd. Made for interesting handling, with about an inch of travel on that wheel.


    So spent a grubby and boring morning swapping both front struts with some low miles ones I picked up a while ago, and to my extreme annoyance, BOTH these ones were seized too!!! The really odd thing here was that they moved up and down fine for the first few bumps but with no shock resistance at all. No worries thinks I, just air bubbles from being stored on its side for a while. And then it went from soft and bouncy to rock hard with no compressability at all, just like the one I took out.

    The rest of the suspension is fine and the binding is definantly in the shock (attested to by the fact it is now working fine with the second set I put in).

    So more time spent pulling them out again, and swapping them with ones out of the R21 I am wrecking which are OK. Only catch I found was the early struts from the wrecked car have different top caps to the late ones. Late ones have offset caps to give more castor I assume. So I guess the car will have less castor than it is used to, but as long as it just works it will do!!!! So not in the mood for getting out the spring compressors and swapping top caps over....

    I have never come across shocks/struts seizing before, and to have 3 of them I thought very strange... What makes a shock with not a lot of Ks and no leaks at all seize?? I can only think they must have stuck valves in the shock, not letting oil through
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