My car has suffered alot of bumpsteer, which I had assumed was my steering rack height up until now.As sydneys roads are like two grooves most the time,this is an issue.As a laugh, I got some R25 lower arms to put on, and when I had unpacked the 400m of packing tape off them, was immediatly awear of a part that i had never seen before.It was a shim that looks a little like a volcano shape,about 10mm thick.After looking at the exploded picture in the fuego manual, I realised that according to this,my fuego should have one on each side,on the rear for power steering.The scary thing is,not one of my cars have ever had this shim, as I would have noticed it for sure.
I'm wondering if this is one of those parts, a bit like the oil level sender holder, that just gets ignored for being too hard or something.Suffice to say, with the r25 arms on, most the bump steer problems have gone.