New Clio Cup hits the track in 2006
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    Default New Clio Cup hits the track in 2006

    thought i would post this here as well...

    |*24-11-2005 *Presentation*|

    New Clio Cup hits the track in 2006

    Renault Sport Technologies will be unveiling New Clio Cup at the Essen Motorshow (Germany, November 26-7). Forty years after the creation of the R8 Gordini Cup, New Clio Cup is the next model in a highly successful series of sports cars that have made Renault the market leader in sports hatchback promotional formulas. New Clio Cup’s top-level performance, driving pleasure and affordability should seduce those lucky enough to drive the car in championships in Germany and Spain in 2006.

    Inventor of single brand sports hatchback cups with the R8 Gordini, Renault has been perpetuating the spirit of promotional formulas for four decades. It has done this by organizing competitions across the globe which feature stringently identical cars, which are both efficient and affordable. With New Clio Cup, Renault confirms its expertise in entry-level sports hatchbacks by offering a product that provides driving pleasure and safety, as well as being easy to run.

    Clio Cup: a global success*

    Developed using a Clio Renault Sport 2.0 16v base, the launch of the current Clio Cup was met with immediate success. Efficient, fun to drive and cost-effective thanks to the extensive use of production components, it has become the market leader in entry-level sports hatchbacks. To date, more than 650 units have been produced by Renault Sport Technologies at the Renault Alpine plant in Dieppe. Involved in a total of fourteen national championships, not just in Europe but also in South America and Asia, Renault Sport has demonstrated its expertise and know-how in the organization of championships which focus on providing sporting equity, a sense of fair play and plenty of racing action!

    Clio Cup will continue to be employed in 2006 alongside the launch of New Clio Cup, which is currently confirmed to take part in two national championships in Germany and Spain.

    New Clio Cup: pleasure, safety and cost control

    New Clio Cup was developed at the same time as the future Clio Renault Sport was being designed. Working together in the same design office, Renault Sport Technologies’ engineers were thus able to combine the natural qualities of New Clio with the latest technological innovations from the world of motorsport.

    The quest for driving pleasure was the guiding principle for the development team. Well-balanced with a slight tendency to oversteer, New Clio Cup is suited to all driving styles and drivers, be they newcomers to motorsport, talented young drivers converted from the single-seater categories or even gentlemen drivers. Forever looking to make driving more fun, the driving position has been moved to the centre of the cockpit.

    Under the bonnet, New Clio Cup is equipped with a two-litre 16 valve engine, producing more than 200bhp. It is combined with an individual six-speed sequential gearbox with steering wheel mounted gearshift.*

    Performance levels are optimized in particular thanks to the aerodynamic features first seen on Clio Renault Sport Concept: a rear diffuser and air extractors placed behind the front wheels. The diffuser channels and accelerates the flow of air under the car. The accelerated air creates a depression which drags the diffuser towards the ground. This produces increased rear downforce. In order to improve the efficiency of the air diffuser, both exhaust pipes are aligned with the side wing channels. The air extractors placed on the front wings are also part of the car’s aerodynamic system, their purpose being to reduce any unwanted turbulence. They also help to improve the circulation and evacuation of hot air from under the bonnet.*

    Special attention was given to safety, a key strategic goal for Renault in the development of both its production and motorsport models. New Clio thus features a specifically designed Matter roll-bar, an automatic extinguisher, a six-point safety harness and a Hans system to protect the driver in the event of an accident.

    The extensive use of production components ensures that the car will be very easy for teams to run and will help keep season costs under control. New Clio Cup will be launched and ready to start racing during the first quarter of 2006.*

    Technical specifications

    -*4 cylinder aspirated engine
    -*More than 200bhp
    -*Specifically designed Magneti Marelli engine management system

    -*6-speed sequential SADEV gearbox with steering wheel mounted gearshift

    -*Individually-styled 17-inch wheels
    -*Michelin tyres

    The highly successful series of small Renault sports cars*

    -*R8 Gordini (1966 - 1970)
    -*R12 Gordini (1971 - 1974)
    -*R5 LS Kit (1975 - 1976)
    -*R5 Alpine (1977 - 1981)
    -*R5 Alpine Turbo (1982 - 1984)
    -*Supercinq GT Turbo (1985 - 1990)
    -*Clio 16S (1991 - 1996), Mégane Coupé-Cabriolet (1997 - 2000)
    -*Clio Cup (2000 - )
    -*New Clio Cup (from 2006)


    web link

    noice 8)

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    Where's MY4?? White wheels! It stole my idea of the Michelin man too!

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    Default some good news

    Quote Originally Posted by Superguru
    Just got some feed from Renault Australia, new Clio sport will carry 147 kw of power and run 0-100km in 6.5. New to Australia will be the 3 Door Megane cup as well! Also we will see new 7 Seater Scenic (for those with families). How good is the new clio?, just won car of the year beating rivals VW, Alfa and BMW....not bad at all. For more info on Renaults my name is John and I work for Rick Damelian, happy to help. I love the site even though sales guys seem to be slightly less popular than others...
    looking forward to them landing & seeing the showroom demo does anyone have anything further?

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    Now that's more like it!
    Cheers Renomad

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    Past frogs, R12 Wagon X2, R12GL, Fuego X2, R10 X2, R8 X.5!

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