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    Does anyone know how too remove the boot lock from a r12 it has some kind of triangular locking mechanism does it require a specialised tool?

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    There is special tool Car 550, sort of a screwdriver handle with a tube on the other end. Or there is an adapted tube of some sort, I did it once some time ago, and used a 32-33mm internal diameter piece of plastic conduit. The tube has to be quite stiff because the three prongs that hold the plastic boot lock to the body are quite firm. Also chamfer the edge of the conduit so that the prongs get fully pressed in without the outer edge of the conduit fouling on the boot where the skin curves over.

    It doesn't have to be triangular, just round, as the prongs are effectively on each apex of the triangular form, so as long as the tube fits reasonably snugly over the triangle (and doesn't foul the boot skin) it should work. One of those jobs that is fiddly but not difficult.

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