renault 25 baccara question?
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    Default renault 25 baccara question?

    can someone tell me if they have a drivers side vanity miiror with light(same as passengers)and do they have there own special carpet floor mats??also what other unique items??i know about the rear parcel shelf,and the rear seat pillows(both mega rare)also the door cards with wooden(fake?)inserts,on manuals there was a wooden gearknob,but really wondered about the unique parts,the parcel shelf had its own R25 BACCARA zip tagin uk i think they where all autos,but germany/france did v6 turbos,any info?


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    Hi V6 turbo,
    you are thinking about buying that ebay uk baccara interior? Go for it!

    A 1991 baccara with grey interior has (cognac available as well):
    - vanity mirrors on both sides
    - special bluish carpet (not grey!) floor mats are blue as well and can be fixed to the carpet (pushbuttons)
    - A,B,C collums and rooflining covered with alcantara
    - all other plastic parts are "rubber" coated. That makes a baccara a very quiet car - no standard R25 creaks on bad roads
    - leather grey with blue seams
    - special soft grey carpet in the boot.
    - Electric seats, memory for driver's side + inflatable

    In Europe V6 turbo and non Turbo baccaras were on the market. Germany did not officially get the Turbo baccara. Auto trans was a 1250 Euro extra on non Turbo models.
    There were slight changes in early 1990. The sometimes so called "Phase III" was upgraded and had:
    - memory + inflatable seats as a standard option (extra before)
    - variable rate power steering (not available before)
    - new front spoiler with inlets for brake cooling

    Only possible extras on a 1991 Baccara would have been:
    - sun roof (700 Euros)
    - auto trans (1250 Euros)
    - variable rate shock absorbers, electronically controlled. (1600 Euros)

    The price of both, V6turbo (non baccara) and V6 turbo was 28500 Euros.
    Upgrading a standard V6I to a baccara (including a/c, cruise control, e-power steering) would have cost you about 6000 Euros!

    Do you need more info? :-)

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    very good!!!well done,good to see someone who knows there stuff,my v6 turbo has black leather egomatic seats,i noticed the interior on e-bay and i,ve done a deal on some parts!,i actually have a german brochure which clearly shows a baccara?,europe got 16 inch cross spoke wheels,uk had highly polished 15 inch,same as n/a V6,all the interior parts sound the same,all uk 25 v6/turbos had the one piece front spoilers,have noticed the cut outs on foreign cars,all uk cars auto,all mettalic only(iceburg silver,tungsten,prussian blue,pine green,cherry red late 90))sunroof standard,basically in the uk,the baccarra was the ultimate 25,but was only auto and no turbos,so i,ve got a mint V6 TURBO,but with black leather rear headrests(where grey!) headrests and mint baccarra rear parcel shelf,complete with original R25 BACCARA zip puller,would like a mint boot carpet set,drivers sun visor,have to see what the car on e-bay has??daniel put your rear headrest pillow back!!!!!cheers for the help
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