New rims for Clio
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    Default New rims for Clio

    Hi all, I'm new to this so don't be nasty !

    My Clio Sport needs new rubber, so I am thinking of going to a 16 or 17" tyre - does anyone have any advice to offer ? I am running the factory fit 195/50 R15 Michelins - I've been told (amongst other things) to keep the original rims cos they are valuable if selling ... hope to hear some +ve stuff from you over qualified Renault types out there ...


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    4 rims with original tyres go for around $200 or so... so not worth anything...

    Rims... stick with 15" if you want performance/handling!
    anything bigger will pretty much lead to more weight (unless you pay HUGE $).

    I have both 15 & 17 & prefer to "drive" with the 15's.
    The original idea was to get some semi's & throw em on the 15's for track days & sport, but never ended up happening!

    If you really wanted a better look & want a bigger rim, at most go for 16's. but choice of wheel/tyre is limited...

    Its a bad situation pretty much :|

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    As nate says, tyre availability is a bit of an issue, especially in 16". Getting something as good as the factory Pilot SX's is proving difficult. Check out - there is a fair bit of discussion there on tyres and rims.

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    Plenty available, you just have to look fairly hard.

    I'm ordering some rims from at the moment.

    Most euro rims in Oz are overpriced, so I resorted to importing my own.

    Go 16s for looks and on-road handling, 15s for race applications (no race tyres available in 16").

    Your 15s aren't worth much, keep them for track work.
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