New Renaults for 2007
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    Default New Renaults for 2007

    Some people may find this interesting, some news I found while surfing the net....

    Nissan P32L 'Qashqai'
    To go into production in December 2006, sales starting early 2007. A compact 4x4-crossover on the Renault-Nissan C-platform (Almera/Megane); Renault sister model also probable.

    Nissan is shifting its focus away from traditional mainstream hatchbacks and saloons towards more specifically-targeted niche products, with a particular emphasis on 4x4s. Speaking at the announcement of production of a new compact 4x4-crossover codenamed P32L (derived from the Qashqai concept car, though it may not keep that name), sales and marketing director Brian Carolin said that the company has had "a shift in philosophy" and that "we are looking to do something different, more distinctive."

    The programme for future development has been triggered by the falling sales of models such as the Almera and Primera in Western Europe, where buyers are increasingly opting for more versatile vehicles such as MPVs, or bolder style statements and status symbols such as 4x4s. Although sales of the Almera remain strong enough in markets such as Russia for it to be worthwhile to keep it in production, even after the launch of the Tone compact MPV (early 2006) and the P32L, there is no successor to the current Primera signed off just yet. Carolin told 4Car that "we know now that Nissan will struggle in the executive saloon sector. We have taken a bloody nose in certain segments, but in contrast, 4x4s and SUVs are seen as very much a Japanese strength, and a Nissan strength." Addressing concerns that, in concentrating on producing niche models, Nissan was following a risky strategy which could fail if 4x4s were to suddenly fall out of fashion, if punitive tax regimes were introduced or fuel prices to rise steeply, he pointed out that Nissan now sold more X-Trail 4x4s than Primeras, and that "now Primera is increasingly a niche car." Not that he was concerned about an anti-SUV backlash: "we do our research, and buyers have voted with their feet." Bill Bosley, MD of Nissan GB, added: "It could be risky, but we are confident of consumer demand. We are looking at where the needs are in the marketplace."

    -----------> Renault variation of this model

    Renault 4x4
    Off-roader sharing platform with Nissan's X-Trail. More of a mud-plugger than the Megane-based SUV (Nissan P32L twin, see above) launched earlier.

    Renault-Alpine coupe
    Reviving the classic Alpine nameplate, a small high-performance coupe developed by Renaultsport to replace the Clio V6. Styling influenced by Wind and Fluence concepts, 'novel' interior layout also rumoured.
    News: Renault to revive Alpine name

    New Models: Renault to revive Alpine name for sports coupe

    Renault Alpine A310
    Renault has bought back the rights to the legendary Alpine name, as used on its V6 GT and GTA high-performance sports cars of the mid 1980s and early 1990s, and the name is expected to be used for a new Clio-based coupe. A Renault insider told 4Car this week that "if Renaultsport were to produce a high-performance coupe, it could well wear the Alpine badge".

    This coupe, to be made by Renault's Renaultsport division (which has its headquarters in the former Alpine factory in Dieppe), will be a stand-alone model, probably with design elements first seen in the Fluence and Wind concept cars. It will be in place of a new-generation Clio V6, once that model is discontinued later this year, though it is unlikely to go into production before 2007, as the Dieppe factory's spare capacity is being utilised to make 1.2-litre versions of the outgoing Clio, which will continue on sale as entry-level models after the launch of the new-generation range at least until the all-new Twingo goes on sale next year.

    Renault Fluence concept
    Alpine was started by Renault dealer and rally driver Jean Redele in 1954, to make his independently-designed and produced coupes. The first Alpine was based on the Renault 4CV, but the company really made its name with the rear-engined, backbone-chassis A110, launched in 1962, and took off when Redele organised a deal with Renault to market his cars through their dealerships. The A110 proved successful in rallying well into the early 1970s, and Alpine prototypes also competed at Le Mans, but Alpine had fallen into financial difficulties, and it was wholly-bought by Renault in 1975. Renault funded further development of the larger, wedge-shaped A310, fitting it with a 150bhp 2.7 V6, and this model remained in production till 1984; Alpine also worked on the company's race cars, including the Le Mans-winning Renault-Alpine A442, and Redele headed-up Renault's competition division for many years. The GTA of 1985 had a similar cult following to the A310, selling in small numbers to a dedicated number of enthusiasts, but the A610-series model of 1990, although acclaimed, could not compete with the increasingly strong and high-quality competition in the sector and it was phased out, along with the Alpine name, in 1994.

    Although there will be no new-generation Clio V6, there will be a Mk3 Renaultsport Clio; this time, giving around 190 bhp from a normally-aspirated 2.0-litre engine. A show car hinting at this model will make an appearance at the Frankfurt Motor Show this autumn.


    Back to the future US GTA Alpine review

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    Default Alpine revival -Excellent line of though.

    I would fully endorse Renault reviving the Alpine rally style image as an adjunct to the present clio development and I would hope Factory supported involvement in popular motor sport.

    Renault have proven themselves as the leader in motor racing at the elite level and now need to extend that success to popular and accessible motoring and motor sport for the masses and this will give them that opportunity and marketing edge, and at the same time capitalise on the hard core of Renault enthusiasts who have supported the marque in a life long involvement with their products and, engaging those who have recently been attracted to the sporting image and potential of the clios and the meganes.

    Maybe someone at Renault is finally listening to the groundswell of approval and gratuitous advice we have reported in these forums.

    Now if we can get the dealer network to work with us and best of all to participate and sponsor within Australia, those developments and products should be fast tracked - I will follow this with great anticipation.

    The rest as they say will be history

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