Looking to buy a Scenic 4x4 - Opinions wanted
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    Looking to buy a Scenic 4x4 - Opinions wanted



    I was desperate 10 minutes ago, because I don’t feel to get the right info to take an appropriate decision !
    I am almost ready to buy a Scenic 4x4 Privilege (used car), 2001, 7000km (no sunroof, no leather), and I was looking in yahoo.com.au any additional information to help me making my decision….. and I found your forum. Great source of information and I fell less desperate!
    So, 2 questions
    1/ Are there any owners of Scenic 4X4 who would like to share their experience? Do you like your car, do you recommend your car? What are the typical problems and dislike? I found the car not powerful, but it is an handicap on a daily basis (I am not looking for a sport car wink )

    2/ the dealer asks $29000 after a bargain from $33000, does this look a good price for the model described above?

    Many thanks for any advices.

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    A friend of mine owns an Scenic rx4, I think they picked it up for 30-33k new.

    It's barely done 1000k so it's hard to give much insight as to reliability, they've had no problems and are enjoying the car so far.

    I driven it a couple of times and you are not wrong, they are a suprisingly docile performer with a distinct reluctance to move from standstill (compared to the 2wd scenic)....maybe this one is still a little fresh?....but definately one of the slowest modern cars i have driven.

    Once you are moving the are okay, pretty quiet and relaxed (you need to plan ahead a tiny bit for hills if you plan to stay at the speed limit) . They don't feel terribly inspiring as far as handling is concerned....though not really what they are made for.

    I guess the good things about them is the ground clearance, which is quite generous and better than it first appears and the Scenic thang, pockets, buckets, storage compartments everywhere!!.

    Have you test driven honda CRVs, Nissan X-trails, Mazda Tribute/ford escape (which btw absolutely destroy the scenics in performance)?

    The Renault is a much more interesting car than it's competitors.....i wouldn't say it is "better" than most of them in any specific way tho
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    I would agree with the last guy actually. My brothers friend has bought one and he described it as "sluggish".

    Probably like the old Renault 19 auto. But like the last message it is unusual and has plenty of storage and is very modern.

    I dont think they are that bad... :p

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    No automatic option either...
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    Drive the Premacy Mazda before committing to the Reno, just to see what its like. The journo's are saying the Mazda is a better rig.
    Still, I'd buy french over Jap anyday even with any "inherent traits" that the journo's always whinge about.


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