dellortp tuning tips
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    dellortp tuning tips

    Hey Guys,

    The twin sidedraughts are now going really well on the 17 aside from part throttle applications- i.e dump it and it gets up and boogies, and cruising is OK too. The problems come as you go to accelerate slowly/smoothly it chokes/is none too smooth. A friend thinks it might be the accelerator pumps? on the carbs not working, any one got any thoughts on that? I gather you can adjust them- they are on the underside of the carb body? They are second hand carbs so it is possible that there are some issues to 'discover'!

    The idle circuit seems OK, it's as you got to part throttle that problems occur- timing is set to factory 10-11 degrees for this motor and it also has a full tank of gas, no crap in the lines or air leaks.

    Does any one know of some good dellort sites with trouble shooting tips etc?

    Cheers in advance



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    This site has basic theory and tuning specs which may be useful.

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

    Also there is the good book "How to Build and Power Tune Weber and Dellorto DCOE and DHLA Carburettors" This seems to be available from most decent motoring book shops and before playing with the carbs any further it may be worth grabbing a copy just to make sure all the basic settings are correct. It could be something as simple as a worn needle and seat, or a float full of petrol (the float full of petrol was something which kept me thinking for the best part of a day last week!).

    Get the book, make sure the basic settings are correct, and progress from there.

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    I've got that book. It's seems pretty useful, although I'm still a few months away from fitting my 40mm DCOE to my car, so we'll see just how useful it is.

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    Hey Ben,

    Assuming all's clean and the float level's ok...

    Two things to look at; the pump jet is too small, or the idle jet is too small. The idle jet affects progression from idle to slight acceleration, and the pump jet affects flat spots when you flatten it. This can be a problem when it's too big, as well. BTW there's a screw to adjust the amount of fuel injected by the diaphragm pump underneath the carb. on the arm that operates it (the diaphragm's inside a square cover with 4 screws.)

    Hope this helps (and my memory's good)...


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