Renault 12 engine & gearbox combinations?
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    Default Renault 12 engine & gearbox combinations?

    Here's an interesting question. I have a 1975 Renault 12 i was going to dispose of but the body is too damn good to dump.What engine and gearbox combinations can be fitted to a 12?
    I know a Renault 17 motor and gearbox will fit ( which i have ) and also a later model 1.4 litre engine and gearbox but what other combinations are possible? I have a 2.2 litre injected R21 engine but would need to find a suitable gearbox to mate to it. Does a Fuego gearbox mate up to my 2.2 ?
    Would the physical size of the 2.2 and 5 speed Fuego box make this an impossible task in a 12 ?
    I can probably get the CV shafts for this combination custom made through my work and i'm not too worried about bonnet clearence.
    Basically i thought it would be cool to have an R12 that people would look at at French car days and go " How the F#@* did he get that in there ?"
    Any thoughts from you guys would be viewed with interest whether they be good or not so. It doesn't hurt to imagine does it ! Cheers


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    The 2.2 21 motor will slot onto the Fuego gearbox. However you would be right in thinking that the 2.2 is rather large for the 12 engine bay, it barely fits in its own, so it would require extensive mods to the front crossmember in the 12 to make it fit, a less than attractive bonnet bulge as well as floor pan mods to accommodate the gearbox width and length, then there are the required shorter driveshafts. Also the Fuego motor weighs a ton, so the nice balanced handling on the 12 would be further upset by the extra weight, as well as more weight further forward. If the conversion was at an FCD, I'd be saying "Why did he put that in there?". So you guessed it, thumbs down from me.

    I quite like the thought of something like an Clio/Megane 1.6 (79 or 83kW), Megane 2 litre (Normale 98kW) or even an RS Clio motor in a 12. Preferably with the 365 close ratio gearbox and a taller 5th gear. With the 365 and 172/182 power plant, the gearbox would likely be marginal, but with the close ratio's it would be a sweet unit, then again the torque of the 172/182 may even suit the wider spacing of a stronger Fuego NG3 gearbox. Problems here are that engine height is an unknown, it looks about right but who knows, same with weight, but my guess is that it would likely be lighter than the Fuego option? Length looks about right, but mods may be required with the oil pickup and sump. Also there is the means required of installing the engine mount to suit the 172/182 hanging mount. I've seen pics of the 172 motor mod on an R8, so it isn't in the realms of impossibility.

    Also having seen the pics posted by Frans of the very neat Toyota twin cam motor in a Dauphine, there is another option. But I prefer the thoughts of keeping it in the family Renault :-)
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