Maybe some had noticed, I had not but it's up on renault's site... can you imagine renault's 600 cars..... it would be great to see ...


The Renault collection

Entirely private and the focus of much admiration, the Renault collection provides a striking illustration of more than a century of automobiles. It highlights the main innovations, challenges and success stories of a brand that looks resolutely to the future.
Enlarging, preserving and restoring our heritage is a tradition at Renault. It is our constant concern to bring former feats of engineering alive and keep them in the public eye.

Over 600 vehicles, prototypes, engines and gearboxes made from 1898 up to the present day do the rounds of exhibition centres, classic car meetings and other automobile events.

This astonishing collection will continue to go on parade over the coming weeks and months.

Collectors' calendar
Exhibitions, demonstrations, vintage-car rallies. From the simple hire of a vehicle to taking part in a vintage-car competition, Renault showcases its collection in numerous events worldwide. This calendar of events provides you with up to date information on the activity of Renault collectors' vehicles across the globe.