Fuego Central Locking
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    Fuego Central Locking

    Hi all,

    Recently i got an engine immobiliser as part of a deal from a mate. The immobiliser includes a lock and unlock wire option for the central locking, to be able to unlock/lock the doors with the remote. As my eectrical knowledge is limited, i took some time to find out that these wires cant be connected up directly to the central locking system of the car. They need to be connected to a series of relays which are then connected to the car.


    So to make a ong story short, i found a fuego with an alarm installed in a wrecker and cut these 2 relays off with all the wires attached and installed it in my car in exactly the same fashion. As you probably wouldve guessed, for some reason it didnt work on my car

    I cant understand why if i attached it the same way as the beaten up fuego at the wrecker. Any ideas?? (if anyone has any ideas, please expain as if i know nothing about electricals 'cos i dont!)


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    bugger for the life of me I can't remember how I wired this. I wired an alarm into my brothers fuego several years back. If you pull the infra red unit out of the roof you should find the trigger wires for the central locking. A pulse to the correct wire is toggle the doors either open or closed (there may be one wire for each).

    You need to work out if it a pulse to ground, or a 12volt pulse the locks/unlocks the door. Your alarm with have outputs for both.

    hope this helps

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    You're probably lucky you didn't blow a fuse! :-)

    Anyway, the place I'd start working on would be the central locking switch on the dashboard.

    Basically, you have to "simulate" the switch with the relays. Disconnect the switch and use your multimeter to see which contacts close and open depending on switch position, then work out what you need to do with the relays to close and open in the same manner.

    You may also be able to work it out by checking a Fuego wiring diagram - Haynes manual?

    If you're not up for the challenge, an auto-electrician would certainly be able to finish the job for you without much difficulty.

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    Perhaps the relays you got from the wreckers are faulty <img src="graemlins/question.gif" border="0" alt="[Question]" />

    Check the wiring & see if this sketch helps.

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