Avantime and Laguna/September
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    Avantime and Laguna/September

    I dont know if anyone has seen the september issue of Wheels magazine. There is a big write up on the Renault Avantime which is good but whats better is the 60k shootout between the luxury marques.
    Renault Laguna is present and they said it was the cheapest car they tested. (authentique not privelige).
    The thing they said that was surprising was the Laguna engine is a Peugeot,renault,citroen engine. I didnt know that The articles are quite good with some pics also take a gander... wink


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    I've actually scanned in the Laguna and 406 reviews and they have been emailed to gibgib, so will be on the site by next week.

    Would people like me to scan in the article on the Avantime?

    edit: for some reason I keep typing 'Leguna' instead of 'Laguna'. No idea why.

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    CAR mag reckons the Avantime was pretty average to drive...have to see what Wheels says...

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    Yeah that surprised me too. Looking at the specs of the V6 engine in the 406 and Laguna, they are both identical in bore and stroke, just the Laguna managed to lose some power along the way. I wasn't aware that there was engine sharing between the three companies...

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    We had a discussion about this on the Cit forum a while back - the C5 uses the same engine, also a bit strangled, but with more torque.

    <a href="http://www.autointell.com/News-1999/july-1999/news_of_July-06-99-p2.htm" target="_blank">News about Renault Peugeot V6</a>

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