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Thread: Renault 25

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    Renault 25

    Does anyone know anything about the Renault 25 that is for sale at Continental cars in Sydney. It has been for sale for about $3000 for ages. I have seen the car and it looks quite nice. All mod cons.
    I have never driven a Renault 25. Are they good to drive? I know they have advanced electrics and they can play up and cause nightmares, but this car has been for sale for ages. I dont understand why??


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    they are very nice to drive both around town & highway. They are very comfortable with most extras. The 2.2 motor is easy to work on as it sits in a large engine bay which also has to accomodate a V6. I think people are concerned re parts. I have 2 - both manuals. Take it for a test drive.


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    Well it is possible to make a small fortune out of dealing in R25's, but you need to start with a large fortune, The R25 we had before the MI16 was basically a good car, we, unfortunatly bought a bad one and it cost us the earth, when the auto packed up (twice) and it was converted to manuel that really bought the car into its own. It was a good family car as an auto but a fantastic one as a manuel. Mechanically its the old tried and proven motor/gear box combination that keeps going for ever but its the electrics that puts you off. Ours never had the fuel gauge and speedo reliable no matter how many attempts to fix it, I could get the instrument panel out in under 4 minutes in the end. The voice controls are fun to play with, I can remember visiting old relatives in the country when I took my 80 year old uncle to the shops and I deliberatly left the lights on to see what he'd say, the voice said "lights on", my uncle turns to me and says,"so the car nags as well does it".

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    Are they good to drive? I know they have advanced electrics and they can play up and cause nightmares, but this car has been for sale for ages. I dont understand why??[/QB][/QUOTE]

    The electrics aren't all that advanced,(well for the 80's I guess) it's just that they don't work all that well in lots of the cars. There are various versions of why, but I tend towards the dried soldered joints theory. There is a firm on the Renault Ring (Jeffries I think) in the UK that specialises in providing replacements for the faulty bits. Dud speedo's are a regular occurence and every one I have driven the aircon (which is needed because of the angle of the glass) hasn't spat much in the way of cool air at all.

    They do drive nicely but I was never that partial to the hairy dashboard or the tinny electronic voice. Plus on some, the lcd display is really hard to read (if it's working) then of course in this case we have the Renault automatic gearbox saga all over again..and we've heard that all before haven't we.

    A manual vehicle in good nick for a low price would be a great thing to have, otherwise forget it.
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