02 Clio transmission leak
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    Default 02 Clio transmission leak

    Hi there everyone im new to the site and need some help!

    I've just found that my 2002 Renault clio 1.6L is leaking transmission oil (I'm pretty sure). Has this happened to anyone else with a similar car if under warranty or not because my warranty has just run out about 2 months ago and I feel that Tynans Motors that services my car has totally over looked the problem during the warranty period and will probably hit me up for repairs now that the car isnt covered. Any one been in this situation, please give me some advice on this and has anyone had to pay for this repair?



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    Ask if its the gear box selector seal, which is a VERY common problem with the Sports.

    i doubt it just started leaking the day the warranty expired, so check for long term signs of leakage (i.e. lots of caked dirt etc) & then VERY nicely have a chat with the Service manager!

    Good luck

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