Renault 11 Gear boxes
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    Renault 11 Gear boxes

    Please help I recently was given a Renault 11 1.4 TSE (IT WAS FREE!!!)
    All the gears work except reverse?Does anyone know what this could be.The cluth is not slippin and the cable looks ok.It selects reverse like a Citreon u know the pull up by 1ST.But it does not seem to grab at anything my BX`s always kinda clicked when reverse was selected.The Reno. just seems not to want to go as if there is no space next to first.


    I had this problem on my BX DTR1.7 Turbo not long ago.I repaired it by luck really I looked at the arms from the stick to the box and one had jumped off.Ater putting it back on it lasted forever until that day....(Blinking Peugeot!)

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    Gee you are lucky. The renault 9/11 never came to australia, but you were given one. Is it in good condition inside/out.

    You are very lucky. I currently own a Renault 19 which was the replacement for the Renault 9/11. When i was in France last year there was thousands driving out and about the frog land.

    I have only ever seen one Renault 11 in Sydney and it was a wreck. You should try your hardest to get it repaired. Sorry however i cant help you as can only drive an automatic...

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