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Thread: Formula1

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    I was very sad to watch the formula 1 on Sunday. No Renaults ended up finishing. It was devastating to see the 1st car go up in flames virtually. The 2nd car sliding about on the track with no traction control. When trulli was 2nd for about 8 laps I was quite happy. Then he slid about the place. Good old Renault electronics again, the ones we love. Hope they do better in Malaysia....It was good to see them back in the race again under our own marque...great


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    Yep it was a good race, the best part was that Schuey couldn't do a thing about getting past Trulli on the straights or the bends, regardless of what he said he just didn't have the power to do it, we'er still unshaw what made him spin, the track commentator said he'd spun on a patch of oil but whose oil no body knows as there was only one car in front of him at the time and no body else hit any, after the race we walked down the track,(the crash happened just around the corner from us), we got there just as they were loading the dead Renault on the truck and about 100 metres down the track was a big patch of oil, but on one else hit it and there were no oil signs out but there was deffinatly oil on the track and a long trail of oil approaching it as if something let go and a car rolled to a stop there. Maybe it was there from a previous race and Trulli was just unlucky. But one question on everyones lips, Who's the biggest Aussie hero at the moment Paul Stoddart or Mark Webber? It was funny, it didn't matter who you were supporting, there was Ferrari all around us, Jordan to the left, Mclaren to the right but when Webber came round the whole area just errupted, everyone was an instant Minardi fan, and the cheers when the Toyota spin, I'm surprised you didn't hear them in Sydney.
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    Ahaaaaaaaaaa! But they're not Renault electronics, but a combination of Techniques d' Avant Garde and Magneti Marelli, the very same used by McLaren and Ferrari..

    I reckon there was an as yet unspecified glitch in that accident - the back end seemed to let go at a point where it definitely shouldn't have, even if there was oil on the track. The car seemed to be driven off the track, as if the diff had malfunctioned.


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    One of my son's, plus son in law, actually went to Melbourne for the Formula 1, and for race day, watched the race from Brock Hill.

    Regarding the performance of the only Renault that survived the first lap (corner) pile up, they both said that it appeared to have sufficient pace to have at least finished on the podium, if not 4th or 5th. These comments were based upon its chances against the field that remained after the first lap incident.

    I guess it it all academic now, but my feeling is that if Button can get near the times of Trulli, then the Renault team should fare well in the next few races. For those that remember their absolute domination when powering the Williams chassis cars, the heritage is quite convincing. Over 100 years of motor sport and vehicle production should count for something!


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