Scenic - RX4 -- roof racks ?
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    Scenic - RX4 -- roof racks ?

    I'm back in a frogmobile after a long break (former 16TS and 404 owner) and I'm enjoying the return.

    We're enjoying our new RX4, but have a question on the roof racks.... does anyone know of any options ?(we decided against the extra $2k for the twin sun roof pack). The genuine racks require the roof rails to be replaced (alloy rails with special lugs,instead of the standard poly rails) and are a very expensive option. The dealer is investigating but I wondered if anyone had any ideas ?


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    Hi there,

    You might speak to Adrian van Bellen at Thule roof racks in Sydney. I am sure he can steer you in the right direction.
    His number is 02 9439 2526.

    You can mention my name - he used to have his workshop downstairs from us.


    Paul Smith
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    Paul Smith

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