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Thread: Worth anything?

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    Worth anything?

    With info on Renaults a bit thin on the ground for the average Renault owner (present company excepted :p I was sent a link by someone overseas which could be worth noting for future reference.
    I haven't spent much time ploughing through it as I'm a bit busy at present, but I think it may be based in South Africa.
    See what you think if you don't already know of it.

    <a href="http://www.users.wineasy.se/katriina/index.htm" target="_blank">http://www.users.wineasy.se/katriina/index.htm</a>

    Alan S

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    Alan and others,

    Katriina's page has been THE Renault page for a while, with good links and so forth. Very interesting page - good idea to spread its location in case some have missed it.

    2 years back they did a poll for Renault of the Century and it was won by the 16. Quite right too.

    The message board is deteriorating a bit - lots of people with autos that don't work or Scenic heater problems - current model stuff that the dealers should be able to fix. Maybe it's that the dealers can't! I'd never buy an auto Renault unless it had a BW or ZF box......

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    Yes this is a very good page with lots of info on it about everything. The messageboard is also about other things also, not just people with automatic g/box issues.

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    I'd watch out for auto's in general really.

    I have heard other sob stories from SAAB owners etc.

    Maybe auto boxes are tougher in RWD vehicles? ie. BMW etc.

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